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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little bit of inspiration

Here is a little bit of inspiration for you all.
We have been hit with this super awesome flu/cold/knock you out for a week-deal, hence why I have been missing around here. So here is a bit of pick me up for us all!
Over Christmas my family and I watched "White Christmas" about 4 times, and each time we did I was in awe over the amazing talent of Vera Ellen. That lady could move like nobody's business, those leg's?! Goodness child!
So enjoy this little bit of her pure talent. I can only dream of being able to dance like that... But in the word's of the beautiful Audrey....

xoxo Lexylou


Organic Girl said...

Vera Ellen is amazing! I love that dance number from White Christmas. When I was a little girl I used to rewind and watch that part over and over (and the scene where her and Danny Kay are dancing on the dock).

my name is lauren. said...

love this! thanks for sharing. ...although i'm now feeling very disgruntled with my legs - haha! hers are incredible!