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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I am one never to set myself up for disappointment, so I have in the past never done a New Year's resolution. 
Quit smoking? Don't smoke...
Quit drinking? I don't drink that much and I have 3 kid's.... I NEED a glass of wine sometimes!!!
Work out more? Well yes that would be good.
Eat healthy? We already are gluten free and organic in the house so I am not going to go all out and eat only raw food's...
So here are my "shmaybe" resolution's.
* Craft more. 
There is so much inspiration going around right now. Project Re-style over at "A Beautiful Mess" has got my creative wheel's a- turning in my head. 
I did this great craft the other night with one of my old track and field t-shirt's.

I have been really inspired by a blogger friend, Lauren that is doing a great thing called the 30 day challenge. I think I may do one in Feb. -  28 days of crafting! Find fun, cool things to make, re-style, vamp up around the house!

*Wear more skirt's and dresses. (preferably with my beloved Hunter gumboot's)
I am trying to thrift shop more girly dresses and skirt's. i just adore the old 40's-50's dress silhouette's. Yes, I am a house wife, I might as well look like one! 
That is all...
No, wait.
*I am going to go through the house and pull a MAJOR spring cleaning NOW. Once a week I am going through each room of the house and de-clutter the room. Clean it up realllly nice and put thing's in 3 type pile's . Keep, trash, donate. Like they do on those TV show's for hoarder's, but I am not a hoarder, I swear!

I feel the house is in need of a good de-clutter. With the 3 little ones and all their "stuff" around I am losing my mental focus of having a clean and clutter free space. They have to many toy's and I want to downsize to just the beautiful, the handmade, the wooden or natural toy's. Toy's that inspire them with creative play. I am so very inspired by Bluebirdbaby and her beautiful and simple waldorf inspired living.
I am not perfect either, I need to go through my "stuff" too.
So this month I am hosting a clothing swap with a bunch of girlfriend's. Getting rid of all the clothes that I don't fit/want and letting a lovely lady get more use out of it! I am really excited to tackle my closet. Well, not really. I am dreading it and have procrastinated enough, BUT I know I will be so happy after!  

Oh, I forgot to share a random piece of picture information of the day!
For my Christmas present Neal/hubby did a good old job trading with the antique store owner and surprised me Christmas morn with this beauty!

It is a old railway cart, that is now gracing my living room as a coffee table! I LOVE it. It suit's the country charm that I got going on in the house. Such a sweet hubby I have.

That is all for real. I am off to tackle the closet of DOOM.
I made new button's for you to put on your blog, to show your LYB love!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's, new blog!

So I had decided to retire Mad Times and blog fully on this little blog!
It will still has my amazing wit, rambling's, wise thought's and lighting bolt moments... Don't fret, I will not bombard you with cheese.
So I will kick off the New Year showing and sharing how it spent New Years eve!
I love theme parties, so this one was going to be the black and white "American in Paris"!!!

 These were the delicious drink's we were drinking all night long... Champagne lemon Yumminess from Rachel Ray.


  • 4 scoops lemon sorbet
  • 2 ounces chilled vodka, citrus vodka or limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur)
  • 2 ounces prosecco or other sparkling wine or Champagne
  • 2 sprigs fresh mint


Blend lemon sorbet on low speed and pour in vodka or lemon liqueur in a slow stream. Add prosecco or Champagne. Pour cocktails into a chilled martini glass and serve, garnished with a sprig of mint.

The end of the "kiddies" countdown at 9pm. They reallllly liked the horn's.
Yeah, London didn't go the bed for a long while. Look at those crazed eyes?! Full of sparkling apple juice. Evil juice....