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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I am one never to set myself up for disappointment, so I have in the past never done a New Year's resolution. 
Quit smoking? Don't smoke...
Quit drinking? I don't drink that much and I have 3 kid's.... I NEED a glass of wine sometimes!!!
Work out more? Well yes that would be good.
Eat healthy? We already are gluten free and organic in the house so I am not going to go all out and eat only raw food's...
So here are my "shmaybe" resolution's.
* Craft more. 
There is so much inspiration going around right now. Project Re-style over at "A Beautiful Mess" has got my creative wheel's a- turning in my head. 
I did this great craft the other night with one of my old track and field t-shirt's.

I have been really inspired by a blogger friend, Lauren that is doing a great thing called the 30 day challenge. I think I may do one in Feb. -  28 days of crafting! Find fun, cool things to make, re-style, vamp up around the house!

*Wear more skirt's and dresses. (preferably with my beloved Hunter gumboot's)
I am trying to thrift shop more girly dresses and skirt's. i just adore the old 40's-50's dress silhouette's. Yes, I am a house wife, I might as well look like one! 
That is all...
No, wait.
*I am going to go through the house and pull a MAJOR spring cleaning NOW. Once a week I am going through each room of the house and de-clutter the room. Clean it up realllly nice and put thing's in 3 type pile's . Keep, trash, donate. Like they do on those TV show's for hoarder's, but I am not a hoarder, I swear!

I feel the house is in need of a good de-clutter. With the 3 little ones and all their "stuff" around I am losing my mental focus of having a clean and clutter free space. They have to many toy's and I want to downsize to just the beautiful, the handmade, the wooden or natural toy's. Toy's that inspire them with creative play. I am so very inspired by Bluebirdbaby and her beautiful and simple waldorf inspired living.
I am not perfect either, I need to go through my "stuff" too.
So this month I am hosting a clothing swap with a bunch of girlfriend's. Getting rid of all the clothes that I don't fit/want and letting a lovely lady get more use out of it! I am really excited to tackle my closet. Well, not really. I am dreading it and have procrastinated enough, BUT I know I will be so happy after!  

Oh, I forgot to share a random piece of picture information of the day!
For my Christmas present Neal/hubby did a good old job trading with the antique store owner and surprised me Christmas morn with this beauty!

It is a old railway cart, that is now gracing my living room as a coffee table! I LOVE it. It suit's the country charm that I got going on in the house. Such a sweet hubby I have.

That is all for real. I am off to tackle the closet of DOOM.
I made new button's for you to put on your blog, to show your LYB love!


my name is lauren. said...

you are adorable!

i love the dress/skirts idea. it's one of my dreams in life to be a real housewife and wear pretty mad men esque dresses every day :). i say go for it!


Wee Waldorf said...

love your blog!