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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Tubs are dreamy...

My wonderful hubby finally got our hot tub up and running, and man alive..... I love my hot tub something fierce. I have been it 5 times in the past 2 days. As we now have a huge property and we are not looking on to anyone or really anything but tree's, it is so dreamy. In the morning with the sun coming through the tree's, hearing nothing but bird's and some frog's  we saw a deer family walk past us as we sat in it. It is like a dream, I am finally living MY dream....

I remember last summer sitting in the hot tub with the hubby, late at night over a bottle of Presecco we talked about our dream's for us as a family. Where we wanted to live, what we wanted in our life, what was important to us and how we wanted to raise this beautiful family that we were blessed with....

We are now living it, with lot's of land, living in the quiet country, with my sister next door. In a smaller town,  yet we are still close to family and friends. I am so thankful for this life and all that we have, and I am so excited for what adventures we have in store. I wake up every morning so full of happiness and hope for the future.
This is a journey, a path to learn and become a better person, mother, wife,  and friend. I know with all my heart that this is the perfect path for our family. It just feel's so right.
I know I am getting all mushy, but it is just so beautiful this morning, the sun is so bright and beautiful. I just had my coffee on the deck while watching the kids play in the yard, my heart is SINGING... I am feeling very "sound of music" like...Can you hear it all the way over there?!
So to share in the warm fuzzy's, I want to hear what makes you all happy and grateful.
Head on over to Keely's blog and link up for her Thursday5, and share 5 things that make you happy this week. I have way more than 5 this week, or maybe it is just one...... The HOT TUB!
xoxo Lexylou

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday musing: Up to my eyeball's in paint chips

 So I am lost in the sea of decorating.... I have FINALLY picked out all the paint color's that I want for the house. Stay tuned for some very pretty color's!

It has been busy at my little country home. I will make up for the lack of posting for the past week for an epic long one....
We have been doing lot's, yet it has been relaxed...Well for the most part....
My sister has finally moved into the other house on the property, but it was a bit crazy with all 6 kids in the house while they were moving and cleaning and organizing everything. Everyone was sleeping here, that was 10 bodies in the one house!!!!
We did get into a good family "groove"  and eating all together was really nice. The house seems so quiet with only 5 people in it?! One con of having so many bodies in one house, when 1 kids get's sick all the kids get sick. We are finally getting over a nasty flu that took over the house last week that stopped us from being able to visit a bunch of friends in Victoria the past weekend... Boo hoo :(

I do love that my sister is only a 1 minute walk just across the property, the kids crave every morning going outside and playing with their cousins.

-Neal has been busy finishing off my walk in closet. My hubby is so talented!

-I had a lovely visit from a dear friend that I have not seen in a very long time. She now lives only  30 minutes away. I got to met her cute son Rupert too! I love that I get to know another Rupe, he is just as adorable as my brother Rupert was.
She brought me some beautiful flower's and I got to put my mason jar's to good use!

 - It's funny, I have charged my hair a lot lately.  I think I should do a post of all my different hairstyles.
Today's hairstyle is brought to you by.......
                                       Posh Spice, Mrs.Victoria Beckham
Here is my new do..... I am saving a fortune on the amount of shampoo and conditioner I do not use with my shorter hair.... MILLION'S! I wake up with perfect bed hair that look's sexy and all I do is flat iron the front a bit, add some styling product and voila!
 - These puppies has been my addiction.... Caramel apple spice...Thanks to my sister bringing one over one night, it has been my daily craving. Starbuck's made her addicted but they cost a lot if you want as many as we do. I have crafty and spend thrift sister..... we make our own!
                                                 I know, genius. You can thank her later.
Put a little caramel syrup on the bottom of the cup, put the apple spice mix on top. Fill with hot water, stir, add copious amount's of whipping cream and finish off with a drizzle of caramel. SO GOOD!

- I was feeling a little bit un-inspired lately. So I got out my inspiration journal. I usually keep one through the year, ripping out pictures of magazines that grab me. Collage's, pictures of beauty, style, a quote that really resonated with me. Spoke to "my soul".... Future goal's (one of which is to have a sit down dinner once a week with my sister and family), crafting idea's that have been floating around in my head, daily affirmation's, a place to put my favorite things in so when I am feeling down or un-inspired I just open it and feel better. I highly recommend everyone try it. It is so relaxing, get's the creative  juices flowing and it is FUN!

- It has been so hot and gorgeous out lately. We got out the kiddie pool and let them go wild...
- I finally have a sink big enough to wash a baby in. I have picture's of me being bathed in the sink, and I really wanted to get one of London before she tuned 4, LOL..... Like my little guy Roman who is turn's 4 on May.4th!!! I can't believe it?!
What is crazy is that for a little bit right now, I have a 1 year old, 2 year old and a 3 year old....
Me - circa 1982, rocking in the sink...
           La la enjoying her sink time.... Then Bella thought she would join along too!
                 Then Esme saw what fun they were having and wanted to join in as well!

Well I think I have covered this past week and a bit, man, that was a lot....Happy Monday all!
 xoxo Lexylou

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


xoxo Lexylou

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two things and a baby no more

Welcome to some new follower's!!
My littlest baby, London Ruby is now not a baby. She turned 1 years old on Saturday. It was a lovely party. Lot's of family came up, and a surprise visit from wonderful friends. The weather was GORGEOUS! Hot and sunny, perfect for a party! I am still sorting through the photo's. Something about a first birthday, I go click crazy and my memory card begs for mercy....
Here are a few from the day of festivities...

My lovely Kassi is doing her two things she loves around her home and you can head on over to her blog to link up!
Here is my two things that i amore...
An antique pie safe that I found my first week after I moved at the antique store I have dropped a mortgage payment at....
The little piece of driftwood Roman found and said it was a boat that need to sail in the bath tub!
Another find at "my" store.... I get giddy looking at this piece. I am just in love with the blue mason jar too. I must find something to put in them, like some pretty flower's and make it a center piece on the dining room table!
Well I hope it is as bright and sunny as it is here! Happy Tuesday all!
xoxo Lexylou

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday 5 of happiness!

The lovely Keely at Mannland5 is doing another fun link-up. This one is called Thursday5.
You write down five things that make you happy, grateful, joyful, thankful,  inspired this week.... What a great idea! Head on over and link-up!
1) I had a very nice visit with my grandma who I just love to bit's. The kid's just love their Ama too.  I am over the moon happy to only be 6 minutes away from her house now! She opened the door and was so shocked to see me, she forgot I lived so close too...LOL

2) After a very stressful grocery shopping experience, and swearing to NEVER go shopping again with three kid's, I was very thankful for a glass of wine....or two .....with dinner. 

3) It has not happened yet, but I know I am going to have such a wonderful time when my Mommy and sister from Victoria come up to help celebrate my little London Ruby turning 1 years old on Saturday??!!!!!!!  My baby is almost one...sniff sniff....

4) My french press coffee maker makes me sooooo happy. As I am by myself all this week I don't make a big pot of coffee like when the Hub's is home.
5) a:This week I won the one of the top three kitchen's  over at Keely's Rate my space, Kitchen's! It was so amazing and great to hear all the wonderful compliment's on my new kitchen. I am truly thankful to all the kind word's. I love decorating my space, and it makes me so happy that others love my style as well. I love my kitchen. I just LOVE cooking in it. It is truly a dream! 
5)b: Annnnnddddd- I am famous, but no one knows it but me...
Another dear Momma blogger friend, Olivia at Gnome Sweet Gnome had her blog in USA TODAY with a reference about the awesome upcoming movie "Babies"..... How great is that! 
The super awesomeness is that it was my comment about how excited I was to see this movie made it to print!!!!! Downside.... It doesn't say my name, soooooo no one knows about but me, Olivia and now..... YOU!!! You now know someone famous, it's ok to faint or scream. I am getting used to this new found fame too, so it is all still weird....

xoxo Lexylou

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday musing of an Easter weekend

Whew..... I am wiped from all the fun....
Saturday I went up skiing with the girl's.
I can't believe how close I am to the local mountain. It is so rad. I love and miss skiing, so this just makes me so happy. I can't wait to put the kidlet's in ski school, as both hubby and I started skiing at a very young age and having the mountain only 45 min's away is so great!
It was an epic amount of snow.
Powder everywhere..... So beautiful.
I am sorry my camera stayed at home. I bet you all don't believe me that Mt.Washington has more snow base than any other mountain on earth?! Yup.

We went tubing at night.
Woke up sore from some pretty awesome bail's.
Drove home after it was snowing too hard to see a couple of feet in front of me.
Got home and had and Easter egg hunt for all the kiddies.
Fell asleep after an amazing turkey dinner....zzzzzz 
Woke up and went to a farm down the road and had Easter fun.
London baaaahhhh -ing back at all the sheep.
Roman and Esme riding a pony, decorating egg's....
Lot's of farm fun. All Esme is talking about is that she rode a pony, and how much she loved the pony. And how she want's a pony.....Oh dear....
I will leave you with a photo overload of Easter fun! Hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter.
Now off to bed....zzzz

xoxo Lexylou