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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something new!

In my frenzy to get everything ready for the Noel Bazarr being put on by the city's hottest and trendiest store, RebelRebel, I was up all morn making headbands. Then I got thinking that feather earrings would be really cool too... Very cool indeed. I am please with the outcome so far. Made 15 so far and will have some up in the shop after the Bazaar is over!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We are going to a store!

So that lovely lady I met at a craft fair is opening up a beautiful store in Victoria! I am very excited to say that she is going to be selling the feather headbands and hair clip's! So if you live in Victoria, go check out Sara's store, Lotus, in the Bay Centre.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guest blogging our nature walk and fall time craft!

Today I am so honored and grateful to be a guest blogger over at one of my most favorite crafty Momma blogger's Kate over at Centsational Girl. This lovely woman inspires me everyday with decorating and so many cool and beautiful DIY idea's. You MUST pop on over and check out her site!

With the beautiful color's of fall surrounding us, going outside and enjoying the splendor of autumn is a daily activity in our house.

With basket's in hand to hold the bounty we collected in nature.....
Roman showing off his nature goodies!
Esme with her pretty flower

Then when we got home we took out all the wool roving in lot's of pretty fall color's and rolled them into little ball's for wet felting them.

With warm soapy water we rolled the ball's in our hands till they were nice and round.This is a good "outside" craft and we all got pretty wet! Lot's of fun was had at this stage.

Then we let them dry over night and I took all the acorn top and hot glue gunned them on.
And Presto! Beautiful acorn's for decoration on a nature table, mantle or I am thinking of putting some string on them and making them into cute Christmas ornament's.... Or as decoration on a Christmas present gift tag!

Little basket's of acorn love for Roman and Esme....
I think I am now addicted to wet and needle felting. You should see my stash of wool roving. Hubby just roll's his eyes....

Hope you are all enjoying this autumn as much as we are here on the West Coast!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I feel an exciting change in the wind....

I always loved the song by Ella Fitzgerald -"A Little Yellow basket" (although not one of her most famous but was always dear to my heart) and knew that whenever I came around to starting up whatever creative "thing/store/company" that I would call it Little Yellow Basket. I has been in my head for a while now, always thinking up new idea's of what I could make, being a stay-at home Momma....
I will tell you a cute story that made me push to take a leap of faith and how this little hobby of craftiness became "Little Yellow Basket Designs"......
I was walking around downtown looking for supplies for different craft's, feather's, button's, needle felting supplies, wool and such. Feeling rather discouraged at leaving every shop that I tried and not find the perfect stuff, I started to walk towards were I parked my car to go home and sulk and give up on my thought of actually making and selling clips and such...... I cross the street on a whim, thinking about maybe one more shop and what should be playing outside on a store's speaker's.... Ella's sweet voice calling me to carry on "A tisket, a tasket... A Little Yellow Basket" Goose bumps and all my dear friends. This was a sign! So on I went with a happy heart and I swear ever thing has just been falling into my lap with ease. This was meant to be and it is so wonderful. I just LOVE making my little clips, as each one is so unique and everyone I actually just want to keep for myself. You know it's a good sign and that other's will like them when it is hard to part with them!
So I am happy to say that I have been invited to go to a Christmas craft fair in Victoria by a local super trendy shop. If you live in Victoria, come on by Dec.1-3
Noel Bazaar 2009
Tuesday December 1st 5-9 pm
Wednesday December 2nd 2-9 pm
Thursday December 3rd 2-9 pm
Where: Victoria Event Center 1415 Broad Street above Coastline Sport's)

And today while just visiting a local craft fair, a lovely lady at a booth loved my new feather hair bands I made and commented on them and asked were I bought them, I told her my story and now this lovely local shop with beautiful stuff is wanting to have Little Yellow Basket product's! Go check us out at Lotus Designs Boutique in the Bay Center starting Dec.1st! Their shop will be near the Government St. Entrance

I have also been working like a crazy bee getting my Etsy shop up and running too. So if you can't make it to any local shop's, go check it out!

Ohhhh the star's are aligning alright!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday musing....

The view from my bedroom this morning's sunrise

This crazy cool car that sometimes park's down the road from our house and finally yesturday I caught it on film

Interesting "art" I found on the beach, last weekend

I am always on a quest to take a reallllly pretty picture. Something that "speaks to my SOUL" it is so good. I enjoy taking picture's and have been told that I should take it up professionally, but alas, I always think I don't have what it takes... So I will just leave it as a passionitate hobby and put my put my soul speaking shot's up here for you to enjoy! Hope you are all enjoying you Monday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October should be renamed Funtober!

I love October. REALLY love it. I am a summer lover too, as I love all the sun, sand and heat! But something about fall just makes my heart melt. Cozy sweater's....Pumpkin spice latte's... Going for walk's in the crisp autumn air with the nice smell of woodsmoke.... Seeing the leaves change color.... Pumpking picking and carving...Plus my birthday is in October..... and Halloween too.... So many fun things going on. Now with children of my own, I am falling in love with the beauty the autumn brings, having family dinner at Thanksgiving(Canadian's have it early folk's) and the insane excitement of Halloween and trick or treating brings.... This year we decided to be the Wizard of Oz family. Last year we did Peter Pan theme. I really like the family theme as it makes for really cute picture. I will have to milk it for as long as I can, before they start to pick what "they" want to be instead of Mommy picking. So Esme was Dorthy, Roman was the Lion, Neal the Scarecrow and I was the Wiked Witch with London as my flying monkey sidekick...Reallllly cute!
As some of you might remember I am a bit of a Sugar nazi, as my kids turn into maniac's with the smallest amount of juice. I decided to put the sugar police in the back seat and just let the kids have fun this Halloween, and it really was fun this year. They got really into it, running from house to house, saying trick'o' tweet.... Melt with cuteness.
But let me tell you, then next two days DOT DOT DOT. . . Hell hath no fury than a child deprived of Halloween treat's. Once they tasted the good stuff, all they ask for is TREAT'S!
Oh well, who can say no to 2 adorable kidlet's?! That would take superhuman strength.