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Friday, January 29, 2010

Things things... Fill in the blank Friday's!

I love the get to know me stuff. Twenty question's, those ones that got passed around and sent to your email box, and you would try to fill in the blank with the most witty and insightful stuff about you. Then facebook came along and there were a few hear and there... But I have not done one in a while. So I am so happy to see them around the blog world. 
This lovely blog made by the lovely Lauren(who by the way is wearing a rad feather hair piece in her profile photo, that is what drew me to her. You know me and feather's...)
So here is another fun installment of the get to know me! Fill in the blank!! Go to her post and link up and let me know, so I can get to know you!

1.  If I weren't a    Mommy                I'd love to be     Florist, wedding planner, Martha Stewart jack of all trades and make millions doing it. But i still would be a Mommy over all                 .

2.  When I'm super upset I    go have a bubble bath, wine and trashy romance novel included     .

3.  My favorite thing about myself is    my eyes and my craftiness            .

4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on    a spa day, mani and pedi            .

5.  Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love    my hubby's lack of singing ability, he is tone deaf. Makes me giggle when he sings to the kids             .

6.  I love the way I feel    after Flamenco or ballet class, I am bone dead tired, sweaty and sore but I have the biggest smile on my face.         .

7.  I love my hair most when it's     adored with my feather headband! Or just after the stylist has made it look Heidi Klum-ish      .

Here is my spin on the fill in the blank Friday....
I will share an old baby picture of me! I can't wait to see what you guy's dig up.
This one i love, my mom told me I look like a russian babushka babe.

xoxo Lexylou

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fortune cookie's are so wise

We had chinese last night in a fit of depression that we may not get our dream country house.... We were told everything was fine, are house sold so fast and we were on the last subject removal for the country house and now we are trying to jump through hoop's for the financing as it is a unique property that has multiple houses' on it and blah blah they are trying to cover there butt and blah blah we are going to be homeless come March.15th if we don't get this house??!! Stressful just does not cover it..
So chinese, I didn't care that I am trying to lose the baby weight, that it was super greasy and probably full of unhealthy things-cat-MSG?? It tasted darn good and I need a cheer me up. I know full faith that God has his hands on us and that we will go to a path that is right for our family, but this house feel's so right....
So fortune cookie time came after the chow mein was all gone and hub's crack's open his and this is what it said...

"Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them"
Yup, God is speaking to us through a fortune cookie!
Anyone else have soul speaking fortune cookie's that make you spit out the chowmein  they are soooo right. I have couple that I have kept and saved in a journal or two.

I took some pretty picture with my new snazzy lens and I am going to the beach tomorrow-weather permitting, and I will post them up and you all snow people will be soooo mucho jealous and sending evil eyes my way.. Ahahahaha, good thing I can't see them
(Waring- Do not attempt "extreme close-up lens" without copious amounts of makeup/cover up on... Unless you are Wayne or Garth... Party On!)
pps- If you are wondering what my fortune cookie said?!
"Share your abundant humor with others at this time. They need it"
Well there you go, God thinks I am funny too ;)
xoxo Lexylou

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting to know you, getting to know all about

So since my blog has grown a bit, and I have more people reading that are not just family...
I thought it would be nice to share a bit! Inspired by this post on this lovely blog...
I would love to hear about what your answers are and get to know all of you lovelies better!
The questions...

1. Waffles, pancakes or french toast?
I make a killer french toast, sometimes I like to melt brie in between and make a french toasty cheese sandwich.... With syrup on top!
2. Dream home..What would it look like?
The one I am moving to in the Country. 1901 Farmhouse updated beautifully with keeping rustic charm. Finger's crossed that it is all going to work out.
3. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics?
Figure skating, downhill slalom(hubby used to train to do that as a pro ;), ski jumping, speed the Olympics are happening in my backyard, it is so exciting to feel the hullabulo buzz around. My in-laws live in Whistler so they got many tix to some exciting event's.
4. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself?
Tall. I am just over 6 feet. So it is mostly the first thing I hear when people meet me. "Whow, your tall" Yeah, thanks buddy for pointing it out. I didn't notice?!
5. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts?
I am digging leggings these days with a long shirt or skirt over top. Perfect for hiding the post baby bulge.
6. What is your favorite time of day?
When Hubby get's home.
7. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer?
I am a beach lover. I love to wiggle my toes in the sand and the smell of the salty sea is just so intoxicating. So thankful that I grew up and still live by the ocean.
8.Will you watch the Super Bowl?
Ummmm. NO! I don't have cable, and if I did I would prefer to watch something else. Like True Blood or a design show.

Your turn!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New look, new lens

So a couple of days back I had one of "those" days... The days that make a Mama cry and want to go back to the "fun(skinny), driving a black golf and spending all my money on clothes" days...
My facebook status was as follows:
"sequien's spilled on the floor, London choking on said sequien's, then a pickle- i have no idea were she got it, then my camera get's dropped on the ground by Roman...Lens shutter not worky... I want to cry my friends..."
Yes, when hubby got home it was an automatic do not pass go, go directly to the bubble bath, collect only a glass (or two) of wine... 
I am in lovvvve with my camera, so to find out that the lens is broken and out of commission is like I am like missing an arm. I ran out to get it fixed, it is still in the shop- costing me about $160 to take beautiful shot's again. So to make me feel better hubby bought me a lens that I have been lusting after since pacing in the panic room said it is the best lens in the universe... with all his love...
I am IN LOVE with this lens.

The photo's it takes are amazing. I keep meaning to go on a jaunt of photo taking  but life has been consumed with.... life?! I promise to put some up soon, and then you will all run out and HAVE to get it.

Well one thing that is making me mucho happy is Polyvore. A lot of blogger's have been putting up super cute outfit's, hand picked by them. Like shopping without worrying about price. Marc Jacob, Stella McCarthne with D&G, no problem with Polyvore. It is fun, free and very addictive. I love it, as I get to know other blogger's better through their personal style and taste in clothes. Danielle's is really cute at her blog's

So here is my turn. Enjoy....

I would love to see what you have all created! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet tooth nostalgia

As you can see, I was trying to relive my youth with Sweet Tart's... I don't know how I used to finish them all. I am in serious heartburn pain and my tongue may have to be cut off, it is raw from eating just a few.
And yes that one say's cheeky boy... Don't I know it?!

 I am thinking about my next sweet tooth nostalgia indulgence. Anyone have a favorite sweet treat that they crave and want to share of what reminds you about being 6? I wonder how many cavities I am gonna have at my next dentist visit.

Today I went to visit my dear friend who every time we get together it is a crazy brainstorm session of ideas and new crafty things that we want to do/make/share..... Hair clip's, tutu's, baby bibs, blankets, stuffies oh my!? She gave me a bunch of mini peacock feather's to make something to put in my shop!!! What am I going to create? I just finished making a massive amount of feather earrings and clip's to go off to a local shop, I am pretty smitten with how they all turned out, I uploaded the pictures to what is new and exciting on my Facebook fan page too!
My mind is just spinning with all the fun things to make. We even thought we should do a chic baby Couture line.... Oh the ideas, the possibilties that we come up with together. We just feed of one another... When I move we will have epic crafting weekends at the new country cottage and make some super cute stuff!

Oh yeah... I caved and am now on Twitter, no I am not joking... Laugh it up, you too will cave.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I was inspired by this idea by one of my favorite blogger's- James at Bleubirdvintage. I love music. I listen to it all durning the day, humming a tune when the music is not playing on my stereo... I like to think I have interesting taste, it is ever changing I am realizing. Such a broad range that I had a friend comment on the crazy collection of some awesome, although very eclectic, mix of CD's I had collected.  It went from only loving The Beatles and Beck, to ska, then to hard core punk, the the wa wa alternative, to hip hop, then the good old skool hip hop, then to Britney pop tart stuff, top 40, then a love affair with Billy and Ella(that is still going on...) to folky style old grass Roots, to spanish guitar-which was playing the whole birth of London, to???
So I thought I will grace you with what I am constantly pressing replay on my ipod, my version of the ever changing mix tape of Lexylou: Enjoy!
 1) Sia- Buttons
The music video for this really solidified my love for this gal... She is CRAZAAAY, but in a good way.
2) Switchfoot- Mess of me
I know this is a same less plug, but this is my cousin Drew's band and I just went to the concert in Vancouver to watch the Hello Hurricane tour, and i can say hands down it is my favorite album of Switchfoot.
3) Fiction Family- When she's near
The lead singer of Switchfoot, Jon Foreman just teamed up to start Fiction family and it is awesome. This song is a repeat special!
4) Muse- Uprising
I lurve Muse. I have a hard time picking a fav song, for a while it was the Twilight special, Supermassive Black Hole. This is filling my black hole Muse love.
5) Mother Mother- Hayloft
This is a local band to Vancouver Island area. I love local shout outs, but this band is really a rad group. I am in love with all the tracks, but this is just pure awesomeness...
6) Phoenix- Litsztomania
Really the whole Wolfgang Album is fabulous. I am really digging it.
7)Santigold- L.E.S. Artistes
I have just found this sweet gem, so I am still fresh replaying her.
8) Cage the Elephant- Back against the wall
I LOVE Cage, if I was not married I would be the biggest groupie.
9)Franz Fedinand- No you Girls
I have been a love time listener the Franz, this is a song that I have had in my head a lot, in a good way, singing in the shower and rocking...
10) Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads will Roll
I just love this song. It really satisfies the inner Queen of hearts in me, you know?! OFF WITH HER HEAD!
11) Spoon- I turn my camera on
I feel sheepish to "just" find this jem called Spoon. Really liking this group.
12) Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
I KNOW everyone and their dog has heard of Kings of Leon and is probably sick of them, but this song just reminds me of between 20 and deeply wanting somebody to "want" me and love me
13) Jon and Roy- Thanks for that
This is another local band hailing from my home town. I really love them, they are the laid back, surfer vibe. They are great live too!
14) Tegan and Sara- Back in your head
I like them, pure and simple. The lyric's, their voice...
15) Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
This is probably going to make me lose readers. I love Twilight.... ahhh and Robert Pattinson. I feel like a total cougar, he is like 6 years younger than me, but reading those books made me feel so young and alive, teenage agnst at it's best... I burned through them while pregnant with London, twice..., all 4 HUGE  books....Sorry I had to get that out. I am a Twihard... It is like candy floss reading for the brain. Sweet and fluffy.
Soooo, back to the song, this is from the New Moon soundtrack of the Twilight Saga. It really is a good mix of tunage. I just really liked this song from the movie. Truth be told, I feel in love with Muse because the writer of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer loved them. I gave them a go and was so very thankful to Mrs. Meyer!
16) Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks
This was also picked by Bleubirdvintage's James, but I found this song through this amazing fan video made for this song. I repeat a "fan" made this. It is amazing, the song is amazing too. This has been on REPLAY for awhile.
Okayyy, one more that I just can't help but bust a move...
go take a look,
then see this, and try not to pee your pant's.
Enjoy my dear's. I would love to hear what is rocking your sock's lately!

Muddy buddy win's prize for mother's sanity

I thank the person that invented the muddy buddy/puddle suit. Really. The kidlet's love that they can basically "swim" in a puddle and Mommy doesn't worry about them getting soaked.
Yesterday was a really raining day, as is typical on the West coast this time of year. Kids were bored and driving me crazy, needing fresh air. I was at my wit's end till I remembered the muddy buddy....
So all suited up, with London in the Ergo, me holding an umbrella, off we went into the wet.
I can fully say whole heartedly that it was the most fun that I think the kids had outside.

We were on a hunt for puddle's, very BIG puddle's.... And when we puddle jumped the snot out of the new found puddle, off we went to find a bigger one. London was just giggling like mad watching her siblings jump like mad, I could not help but laugh at the hilariousness of them. We were out for about two hours?!

We came home had a hot bath and they passed out on the couch soon after. Hubby came home and could not get over the cuteness of them just so pooped out from puddle jumping. This morning they asked to go puddle jumping again, but alas all of the puddles are dried up. They are watching the window for rain. For the first time the are praying for rain.
Thank god for muddy buddies...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty letter's

So this year, my New Years resolution was not to lose weight(but man I should) or yada yada spend less money. I thought I would do something special and fun. I would write more letter's. "Snail mail" as in post office style letter's. I know....GENIUS! I love getting mail. And as we are moving to the country soon and will not be in touch with loved ones as much, I want to mail them a letter. I know phone call's are great and all, email is just soooooo easy and everyone is on facebook that they know my daily rant or witty thought of the day from status updates... But really how special and wonderful would it be to receive a letter from moi?!
So I have been on the hunt for unique, really beautiful stationary set's that I would have a hard time NOT writing on, as it would call to me to compose a sweet letter to a sweet friend!
So here is my pick's:





Recycled set


I love this one...


Finish it off with a wax seal of my last name initial. Presto, a beautiful way to put a smile on special someones face!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Creative juices flowing

This is my Christmas present from Hubby! So I have been just floating around so many idea's on what to create. What piece of fabric will be blessed with my touch to be made BEAUTIFUL?!
Anybody have any great sewing project's that they are dying to share, because they are "that" fabulous?! I am all ear's!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, new adventures!

I gotta feelin', that this year's gonna be a good, GOOD year!
We started off the New Year visiting my in-laws that live in gorgeous white Whistler! It was a great visit, with lots of sledding, over 50cm of snow falling(that is almost two feet my American friends!) walk's to the village, visiting family, great dinner's, stopping in at my fav lunch stop for THE best Lental veggie burger in the world.... Gawd, I am still drooling over it.... going on a date night with the hubby thanks to granny and saw Avatar! AMAZING! The crazy vivid dream's I had about Pandora were unreal. And some lows, Esme dislocated her elbow on a fluke accident in the snow, she was in screaming pain. So off to emerg. we went only to have it "miraciously" pop back into place by the time the doctor came around. She was a riot, and being as cute as ever to the doctor. Dancing around and singing a song, " I guess it's back in" said the Doctor, yup, it was...Then on our last day my back, which is the most fickle back in the world, went out, and I have been cripple since. You have now idea how much staring at all the Christmas decorations around my house is killing me when I can barely stand, and all I want to do is put it ALL AWAY!!!!
Well I need to just relax...ahhhhh, breathe.....

Big things my puddleduck's are happening in our family. We have been dreaming of moving to the country for a loooong time. Our city we live in, (the one I grew-up in ) is getting too "city" like for hubby and I. It is not the sweet town it was when I was little, and we want better for our three little ones. Hubby grew up in a small town, Whistler, when Whistler was a small ski town, not the hotel meca it has become today. He finds it sad that where his school once was is now a hotel, or the forrest he used to play in is a parking lot or the house he grew up in is now gone to be the "drive-way" to the mansion that the land houses.....Anyways... I was trying to be philisophical kids, paved paridise and put up a parking lot?!
Well, we have had our eye on a property for awhile, it was way out of our price range, but it was PERFECT, just over 2 acres, had two full house on it with a guest cottage that I could run my B&B, get some chickens and wear my cowboy boot's...REAL country livin'. It is located just up the island we live on and it is a great area to raise a family.
Like god sending us a message when we were at our wit's end with our city and life in general, the price dropped $100,000?! Hello SIGN!?? So we pulled up our pant's, put our house on the market, it sold in 6 days with 3 offers! Which was such a blessing, as showing a home with three small children is enough to make a person LOSE it.
Exciting but bitter sweet. Leaving friends and family that I love and know so well, but very excited for making new one's and the community we will find in this lovely new Waldorf school close to town.
Plus one of my younger sister's with her husband and three small kids(the same age as mine-give a month or two) want to rent out the other house! So I will not be completly alone.
I know in my heart, with every feeling, that this is the right move for us. And I am looking forward to this.
To the country we shall go.