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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Fairs are coming!

You may not have thought about it, but Christmas is just right around the corner. Not waiting for December 1st to come and pounce on unknowing individual's.... It is here in my world already, well I have been consumed with the thought of preparing for the season for awhile.
I have 3 big Christmas fairs this November starting this weekend. Life has been at "little" stressful to say the least and I seem to always be covered in feather's or fabric strings. I think I may have even developed a tad bit of an allergy to the feather's working with them so much lately?! I seem to be sneezing a lot. Hilarious, I know.
Well here is the crazy schedule so far, I may or may not be able to eat or sleep in between. But I assure you good people that I am happy while doing it!

Whewf.... What a great line up!
I am wishing for a nice relaxing break after all that, as I am a stay/work at home Mommy of 3 little one's 4 and under. They are wondering if Mommy EVER comes out of the craft room?! So am I!
Hope to see all you local's of Victoria and Vancouver out!