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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The evilness of JUICE

So, my son Roman has Celiac. Which means that he is very intolerant to gluten..... which is a protein found in wheat and wheat product's. Google it. I suck mucho at describing it.
Where am I going with this? Well Roman was diagnosed with Celiac about two years ago and he is still healing from the damage to his intestines and such. They say it can take up to 5 years to heal and repair back to normal. Frigg'n LONG time....
POINT, YES Roman has been really sensitive to refined sugars and JUICE. Basically he turn's into a crazy ape child hyped up on caffeine pills, maybe about 6 caffeine pills with like 4 Red Bulls on the side. CRAZY. Soooooo needless to say I give the kids no juice, he doesn't ask for it. Just H2O for this little man.
On the weekend we go to visit my Dad who we haven't seen for a while, as he lives pretty far from us. A ferry ride plus a couple hours of driving. All I can say is thank the LORD for my DVD player. My Dad, being a sweet and doting Grandpa bought the kids treats(crazy sugar treats) not knowing that I do not give them any such things at home. He was feeding them to R&E every time I turned my back. Then asking if they were thirsty, and then filling up their "water" cup's with JUICE.... You can see where this is going.
Very bad.
Very fast.
For a child that hardley ever get's sugery goodness, they went from sweet little angel's to JUICE FREAKS!!!!! Sugar high for about, oh, 5 days?! Now my friends, here is what makes the Mommy camels back break. After we get home safe and sound, away from the massive heat wave that hit all of our provenice, home with the now ever ridiculously whiney, psycoatic child that has a total melt down when I say no to juice or a treat( which are not even in my house) This happen every 10 minutes, he whines ever so loudly and camel back breakingly......


"No Roman, that hurts your tummy, and makes you act crazy, which makes Mommy crazy for dealing with a crazy Roman"......
This follow's by him dropping to the floor and cunvulsing in a fit of sugar deprival. AWESOME.
Are you jealous yet of me and my super cool kid? Yep, I though so! Just Rad.
But, alas there seems to be a light at the end of the sugary tunnel. He has stopped for at least half of today asking for "it", it must not be named aloud, kinda like..Voldemort...eepp I said his name. Not even spelling it out, he learns quick with the devil juice in him giving him power/
Lesson to this story, feed you kids juice all the time, and some sugar treat's on the side and then they will always be used to the evil sugar and not have the withdraws that my son is going through.... It's Rough.

Everyone is doing it....

So I have caved to the pressure of the blogger nation. I too want to be witty, insightful, followed by thousands adored by many about my quick and hilarious mind....... Be the next Heather Armstrong), get paid to stay and home and talk about my "oh so interesting" life with 3 kids.
Have I got you hooked yet?!! No? Didn't think so.....
This is me, just being..... me...
I have two cups of coffee a day before I venture downstairs to tackle my day to day life of being a stay at home mom of 3 children. I love them to pieces, they push my buttons, make me laugh, also make cry.
Why 3 kids you ask?
Because my husband and I wanted to??
Don't know what a condom is??
Are just plain crazy???
Yes to all above.
I actually get a kick out of the sympathetic/horrified/some times disgusted looks I get walking around with my kids, like I am some kind of teen mom that doesn't know how to keep her leg's closed... Then I stare back with my triumphant "I am married, actually almost 30,I showered and put make-up on and I am skinnier than you" looks....
Doesn't it say in the Bible to go forth and multiply?! It's the Bible dude, you don't cross Jesus...And multiply we did!

Well I knew I wanted kids, and as soon as Roman was born 3 years ago I was hooked on this mom thing. Then Esme was my wonderful surprise, finding out to be pregnant after Roman was just three months old. She came into the world through a wonderful and amazing home birth just 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after Roman. On her Daddy's birthday to be exact!
Then hubby and I got thinking, why not another?! We like to hump like rabbit's, let's make another baby. I am staying home anyways till the kids go to school, why not have them all together close in age??!! So we tried for 4 days, and me being the most fertile person I know... Hubby could just wink at me and I would get pregger's.... Baby #3 was conceived. We didn't find out the sex, had the same amazing midwife that we had for the previous two births and away we went. Wondering what the hell we were doing wanting to have 3 kids under 3??!!!!
8 month's later...Beautiful homebirth, London Ruby was born, Roman had another sister! He woke up, came to our bedroom at 7am and found his new sister in my arm's not even a half and hour old.
So five years of marriage and three kidlet's under our belt. Not bad eh?! Living in the beautiful city that I grew up in. Learning ever day new things about myself through the eyes of my children. How awesome it that.
Soooooo I have R&E lovingly kiss and crowd over London right now on her playmat, with me every 5 seconds telling them to back up and give her a bit space..... She is looking a little freaked out....
Going to see Harry Potter tonight with my Mommsie, sans kids..... Can you say dreamy? Let's hope it is not too long and I have to leave as my boob's are leaking into my popcorn.
I must go and do "stuff" before I get my Potter fix.
Catch you on Twitter...
(well no, not really. I don't have Twitter. What do I look like? A celebrity? Perez?)