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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday musing of an Easter weekend

Whew..... I am wiped from all the fun....
Saturday I went up skiing with the girl's.
I can't believe how close I am to the local mountain. It is so rad. I love and miss skiing, so this just makes me so happy. I can't wait to put the kidlet's in ski school, as both hubby and I started skiing at a very young age and having the mountain only 45 min's away is so great!
It was an epic amount of snow.
Powder everywhere..... So beautiful.
I am sorry my camera stayed at home. I bet you all don't believe me that Mt.Washington has more snow base than any other mountain on earth?! Yup.

We went tubing at night.
Woke up sore from some pretty awesome bail's.
Drove home after it was snowing too hard to see a couple of feet in front of me.
Got home and had and Easter egg hunt for all the kiddies.
Fell asleep after an amazing turkey dinner....zzzzzz 
Woke up and went to a farm down the road and had Easter fun.
London baaaahhhh -ing back at all the sheep.
Roman and Esme riding a pony, decorating egg's....
Lot's of farm fun. All Esme is talking about is that she rode a pony, and how much she loved the pony. And how she want's a pony.....Oh dear....
I will leave you with a photo overload of Easter fun! Hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter.
Now off to bed....zzzz

xoxo Lexylou


my name is lauren. said...

love these cute easter photos! glad you had a good easter....sounds so busy!

Colin and Sarah said...

such cuteness and so much fun!

Melissa said...

Cute pics!

& I have never been skiing! :(

jsimplylive said...

Love the pics! Grabbed a button for my blog! Have Thursday!