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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A craft room

Since I spend SO MUCH TIME in my craft room, I had to make it pretty, inspiring and a place that I "wanted" to spend time in. It is still a work in progress with my every changing decorating, crafty moods. When I was away at a craft fair out of town, the hubby surprised me by painting and wallpapering my craft room(I picked them out and had them at home for so long, but I just didn't have to time to do it) What a special guy I have!
But so far I do love it! I feel very inspired to go in and sit and make something beautiful.
Take a peak! And of course I have a chandelier in my craft room, it brings my total in the house over 10! This is also a multi-purpose space, it can be used as a guest room with the couch being able to be a pull-out bed.

I love making little vingette's all over the room, like I would stage it at a craft fair. I have fun changing them up or being inspired by a vintage cup or an old clog?! I swear, inspiration comes in the funniest form's some times, but hey, I will take IT!
Here are some recent photo's that I took around the room. I love using old furniture, piece's from around the house in my craft fair's. My house is bare and ransacked right before a fair. I will use a typewritter, dresser, old shutter's, book's, teapots, teacup's, birdcages, old wooden ironing boards..... And Edward....(Side note- I do not take Edward out of the house, don't fret. He might be stolen!)

Some new style of key necklaces, with vintage lace, feather and fur details

A crafting mind never sleep's.... This is what I made late at night last week. Glitter covered clothes pin's.
I crept back into to bed covered in glitter and happy.

Hope you are all having beautiful sunny weather as I stare at this slush/rain/snow mixture falling from the sky.
xoxo Lexy

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kali said...

Pretty craft room! Thanks for sharing- I love seeing the corners of others' homes...