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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fill in the blank.. at little late, not so much Friday

It has been a while since I have done a Fill in the blank Friday care of the lovely Lauren at the Little Things We do.... But I am going to give it a whirl, but being that it is Sunday I will call it , Something about me Sunday!

1.   I am currently obsessed with       dollies. i want to craft like crazy with dollies. i am becoming an old lady, i know  .

2.  Today I am    le tired     because,    I was up late crafting, not with dollies but needle felting up sweet little mushroom for the kiddies   .

3.  The age I am is    29     and the age I feel is    well at the moment 39, I am SO tired, but most days I feel about 25, spry and all    .

4.  My favorite place is     Disneyland, it's the happiest place on earth! But really I love my home, more specific, my bed  .

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is     creating a bridal hair accessories collection for the spring in beautiful soft pastel colors  .

6.  The last thing I purchased was       two ball's of yarn..... Haven't decided what to make with them yet.

7.  The thing I love most about my home is       really everything. i love that it is in the country but 5 minutes away from anything that i could possible need. i love that i can sit in my hot tub and all i see is tree's, all i hear is bird's or should i say geese, i love all the character it has. i love everything about it....
Here is the link to my post when we first moved it    .

Here is a picture of what outside my window look like at this very moment.... SNOW!!!

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