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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decorating weekend

I have FINALLY put pictures up on my wall's. What?! It has only been 8 month's. 
My reason for not decorating the dining/kitchen area wall's is that I hated the greeny /brown color that took over the ENTIRE house.  I felt like I was inside of a diaper, seriously.
So we painted the wall's a nice slate gray and it lightens up everything so much and is so pretty with the white trim's. I went painting crazy on all the vintage frame's I have been collecting for a while. Painted them all white. There was a set of gold ones that I did have the heart to paint as they looked so good with the gold detail's over my fireplace in the master bedroom. I picked out pictures that had meaning, ones that I have held onto for year's looking for a special place, it look's good, but it is quite overwhelming. I am used to bare wall's and minimal that I feel a bit clausterphobic?! 
Well it took me all Saturday and I am very pleased with how it turned out. The kid's love walking up the stares and looking at everything on the "picture" wall.
The pretty picture-less frames on my mantle.

I just love this look of stacked frames

Dining room wall

Living room wall with the nice blue paint and my favorite piece of art. "The girl with the pearl earring" by Vermeer

I put all my Paris things and Eiffel Towers in on spot as a nice collection area, like I did with the milk glass

The "picture" WALL, going up the stairs.

Neal and I as little kiddies...

The creepy and hilarious Buster Brown paper doll

The country setting in the Kitchen
Hope all you Canadian reader's had a lovely Thanksgiving. I just LOVE Turkey, all the left over's, turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey EVERYTHING....Heaven.
xoxo Lexylou


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i really love the look of stacked frames! i had several old gesso frames stacked on the mantle in my living room, but people who came over kept asking me if i knew my frames were empty (obviously i did!) so i ended up taking them down. not that i did it to please anyone else, but i got tired of having to explain why they were empty!

your eiffel tower collection looks very pretty!

Olivia Carter said...

Gorgeous! I love it! And HELLO, I am SOOO glad you liked the Mortal Instruments. I'm always cautious about recommending books because I'm never sure EVERYONE will love them. But I'm SO glad you liked it! And there are 3 more on the way. And, yes, GO GET Clockwork Angel ASAP- it's FABULOUS!

Kassi said...

your mantel looks gorgeous - love it!
glad to see you're back to blogging :)
happy belated thanksgiving to you! said...

I love the mantel and the staircase! You are so creative!