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Monday, August 16, 2010

Long lost blog the beach

Well I have been missing, MIA, absent, on vaca, just plain enjoying this amazing summer at the country home
What do you ask have I been doing for the past month? Well let's take a look-see k?
 I have been doing summer market's like crazy for my little crafty business. Almost every week I have a huge fair or summer market to set my booth up in. It is fun, crazy and oh so wonderful hearing all the positive feedback from everyone about Little Yellow Basket Designs. I am so excited for what it to come with my little "shop" and loving creating new things everyday! It has been very busy on top of that as I have gotten into two new store's that wanted to sell my product! 
I look forward to the Christmas market's to come too! (Especially after the last fair I did that was two day's outside in sweltering HOT weather)

Mango's on a stick have become a staple in our daily outing's!

I swore I would never put my children in tie-dye.. but hey, I live in the country now.
Curious and curiouser... Little one checking out the local bug's
Esme "modeling" for the huge Sandcastle Festival in Parksville.
Getting some sun, and enjoying the beautiful beach that are right in our backyard. We are at the beach so much that sand in always in the kiddies hair and they always smell like the ocean...

The kid's dancing and rocking out to some good oldies playing outside at the park.
London seriously look's like 3 year's old here, what the hay?! See what happens when I don't blog!!!???
Enjoying some fresh squeezed (by Roman) lemonade  in the awesome vintage score, a pitcher and 5 glass set!

I love having a little florist making flower arrangements everyday all around the house!
Especially when she pick's you a beautiful flower, just for you to brighten your day! Just because she love's you.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer's as much as we are here.

xoxo Lexylou


Colin and Sarah said...

soooooo happy for you that your business is taking off! way to go my friend! love everything about this blog! particularly the perma sand and ocean smell... ahhhhh... love it!

Olivia Carter said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing summer!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i hope you've been doing well at your craft fairs, and good luck with the new stores!

my husband and i are planning a beach trip to a deserted (pretty much) island in a month, and i can't wait! your beach pictures make me want to go even more!