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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love Thursday!

Keely is doing my favorite blog carnival. Thursday 5! Post 5 things that make you smile and reflect about what has made you happy, thankful, excited, and just plain SMITTEN!

 Here we go.....

1) Stepping outside on my deck after a rain fall. It seriously smelled like fresh bee's wax. It smelled so amazing, so alive. Gosh this world is so beautiful.

2) Making a delish salad for lunch with my favorite dressing. A bit of Olive oil,  a squirt of Bragg's and a small spoonful of Tahini butter. Mix it up and mmm good.
I am try to eat as much "raw" food as possible to look good in my bikini this summer. I am trying to work out more too. I woke up this morning to feel my ab's sore, YES! I love that feeling....Feel the burn... 

3) A store in town after seeing me wear my feather earring's want's to sell them! I can't wait to crack open my craft stuff and make some feather beauties! 

4) I made some amazingly delicious vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookies...They are all gone, they were that good.

5) My sweet little Esme coming inside with a pocket for of flower's for me.
And one more for being super exciting....
5b) I have made some new friends in town! They are mom's at the kid's new preschool. They are both very nice and pretty hip Mama's. One is even a dance teacher!!?? Fate that I met her as I am missing dancing so much...
Hope you all have a gleeful day!
xoxo Lexylou


Keely said...

Did you say bikini?! Dang're lucky that you can still wear a bikini after 3 stomach looks like a shar pei..:-(

That salad looks super good and so do the cookies..

Happy Day Lexylou!

Heather said...

Bikinis rock!
Good luck on the friends and the earring business. That is great.

Organic Girl said...

Those cookies sound awesome. Would you perhaps share the recipe??

Dawn said...

All that food is making me hungry. I'd never heard of two of the ingredients for your dressing before. I'll have to see if I can find them.

Have a great weekend!