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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good grief Charlie Brown...13 days?

It has been 13 days since I last blogged??!!!
Really?  I keep meaning to post something, I get inspiration through the day and I think "Oh... I should blog about this"....." ooo, this would make a great post".... But alas I keep getting sucked into the dreamily perfect slow pace of my simple life.

My sister and I went out to a girl's night out gala that the hair salon I go to was throwing. It was a lot of fun and we met some cool ladies!
 I made a pair of earring for the event to go with my outfit. I am very smitten with them!

On Tuesday my little baby boy Roman Gabriel turned 4! He is such a cool little guy. I feel soooo blessed to be his Mama!

For his birthday present we got him a new bike. He amaze's me how good he is riding it. And fast.... Man am I ever in for a whole lotta bandaide's....

Well it was not so slow during this weekend. I had a huge surprise party for Roman's 4th birthday on Saturday and was cleaning the house like mad and PAINTING??!!! Yes, I "had" to paint the living room and both bathroom's before people got here.... Like the new blue is the living room?! I will take better pictures soon!
It was so good to see  my Victoria friends and family. They all stayed over the next morning and the hubby's made us Momma's a lovely breakfast of french toast!

My mother's day gift from Hubby was a RAD Electra bike!!!! I like to ride my bicycle!!!
 It was a really great weekend, but were we ever pooped by the end of it....

Roman and Esme finally started their first day at the new preschool on Monday. Esme was beyond excited! She was big enough to go with Roman and she was over the moon to finally be a big girl.

I am a day late for the lovely Kassi's "Two things i LOVE around my house". I love this blog link up, and she is feeling a little bummed that not so many are linking up.... So go show your love and support for her ladies!!!! She is such a rad blogger and I love seeing peek's into other people's homes!
Soooo here are my two things.
A strawberry shirt and more strawberries! I mean, seriously.... How can you not love this....
Or how about a strawberry shirt and a pink Tutu?!
I am loving the sweet little scene that I set up on the old movie cabinet. Something about the new blue wall's so crisp and clean with the blue and purple flower's and of course my little bit of Paris....
Well, I hope you are all having a good Wednesday so far. Wednesday always makes me laugh, hump day, especially when I need to type it. So not to forget that funny D... I sound it out  in my head like I did as a little girl... Wed nezzz day.... I know, I am funny!
xoxo Lexylou


Organic Girl said...

I love the blue in your living room. But I'm really envious of your new bike! Makes me want a shiny new bike.
PS Happy Birthday Roman!

Kassi said...

lexy, you are the cutest and have the most beautiful kids.
it's so hard to blog when you have multiple kids, a new home and a LIFE. i have no idea how other people do it. i went a week without blogging and it was soooooo nice... i plan on doing that more often.
anyway, back to your post. happy belated to roman, i love the new blue walls, i hear ya about painting before people come - i just did the bathroom a week and half ago and have the other one to do still before guests on memorial weekend - love the set up with the flowers and eiffel tower, love the strawberry shirt and tutu and i LOVE your earrings. beautiful.
thanks for playing along lexy. :-)

Colin and Sarah said...

I possibly love everything about this post!!! love love love your hair! it looks fabulous and so do you! Roman's cake looks so scrumptious! your bike is too cute! the blue on the walls absolute perfection! and your strawberry shortcakes are too precious!