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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Packing is no fun

I am down to the home stretch. 4 more sleep's til I leave my home that I bought as a newlywed, birthed my two out of three babies in, raised all my children in, had many parties in, fixed up, loved and laughed in. It has been a very good home to us, but I am getting very overly emotional over leaving not only this home but so many wonderful friends and ALL my family......
We had a very awesome country style going away party. Everyone dressed in their best plaid, cowboy hat's and enjoyed good eats of pulled pork sandwich's, baked beans, salads, special cards Roman helped me make to thank everyone for being our friends, strongbow cider in a mason jar.... ending the great night with a giant bonfire, SMORES and then a hot tub. It was perfect

I am scared and also a bit excited in what's in store, what new adventures for my family of five lay ahead?! Packing has been the worst, but I have the most amazing friends and family that have helped along the way. I am truly blessed to have them in my life, as you can all guess, packing with three children is chaos!!!!!!!
I decided to go for a walk with the kidlets in our favorite park here for one last time as resident's in this city of Victoria, that I have called home for most of my life. It really is so beautiful here, I am going to miss many things here.

I will apologize in advance for the next little bit and the lack of post's.... as we move toot sweet and I will have no time to, and I will come back feeling like my left arm has been cut off I miss you all so much.
xoxo Lexylou


Kassi said...

i didn't realize you were still packing - praying for you!
i have to say, i am very much looking forward to seeing what your new place looks like - it sounds perfect! how far away is it from victoria?
i totally hear you about not blogging and feeling out of the loop - i've been feeling the same way!
but what an exciting adventure you are on in your life... i am positive that the Lord will bless you and your adorable family immensely!
many hugs to you!

lexylou said...

Thanks Kassi! Yeah, packing has taken so much longer, as we have not moved in 5 years and have a basement of "stuff" and now three kids to and their stuff as well to pack up...
The new place is about 2 hours drive up the Island from Victoria, not too far away from my awesome friends and fam but not that close.
Hope everything goes smooth for you in your packing quest.xo

BuenoBueno said...

wow that lokks like so much fun!
im jealous i wanna country party!
and i love mason jars as cups!!!
cant wait to see pics of new place!


We move alot, and by that i mean 5 times in 2 years. For my hubbys job. but soon we will be able to settle. Our kids love the adventures as much as we do. I am your newest follower, and I just want to tell you.. GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!