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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Felting obsession...

I have not done felting for years. On a whim I went and bought a needle felting kit and it sat in my "craft corner" (aka the junk piled up on the kitchen desk that has been sitting there forever) for well... forever till I decided to open it up and make something. There is something really stress relieving stabbing wool over and over.
Really. It's so satisfying. Glass of wine optional....
So I have made some cute flowers and heart's. Then...Lighting bolt struck me and I thought I should glue these onto clip's and make cute hair clip's for Esme and London.
I have bought some hair clip's, the ones with ribbon on them and they cost me a fortune. So I am making my own. Plus I think they are waaaaaay more and organic wool is just so soft....
Here is my creation's so far. If enough people twist my arm I may have to start selling them. This may be it! My "stay-at-home and make money" craft I have been dreaming of!!!!
I will go to stab more wool. Enjoy!

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